Watching: Beautiful October sunsets (see above:), Dodger baseball and Frasier on Netflix

Listening: I listened to Reggae the other day.

Eating: Frozen yogurt (craving alert!), fruit and toast

Drinking: Water, apple cider

Wanting: A new extremely dreamy and fluffy comforter

Smelling: All the fall smells.. pumpkin spice, crock pot concoctions simmering, fall in the air

Enjoying: Long beach walks in the changing air, baths in silence 🙂

Needing: A queen Amidala, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader costume! It’s a family thing this year

Wondering: What our baby girl is going to look like
Loving: Quiet days off, green smoothies, baseball games and naps

Hoping: For some rain to come soon

Feeling: Kicks against my ribcage, wish I could say it felt like butterflies but it’s more like a harsh jab

Wearing: My favorite maternity leggings

Marveling: How I am provided for.

Giggling: About all the things Luke does in the day! Once he’s down for bed, James & I can decompress the day and relay all our stories of his silliness 🙂

Knowing: That I don’t have to know everything

Thinking: About how I can’t wait for Christmastime..
Wishing: For a little getaway before the holidays come

Reading: The book of Psalms

Making: A baby! Well, growing one, that is. It’s sure tiring, but fun 🙂

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