Pregnancy musings

Check one, check two, anybody listening? 🙂 Hellloooooo! Needless to say it’s been awhile! I have really fallen behind in posting. Do you ever feel like one measly picture seems like too big of an undertaking some days? That’s most of the time for me, oof. Summer flew by, from youth camp to beach days, kids camp to vacation—and in June, just as we had decided we were open to the idea of having another baby, lo-and-behold we discovered we were 11 weeks pregnant, ooh baby! We are absolutely thrilled 🙂 We are 25 weeks along and 26 tomorrow.

This pregnancy has been difficult compared to my first with Luke. I don’t think the fact that we’re having a girl has anything to do with that.. but it might, who knows 🙂 And yes, we found out 🙂 And yes! We’re excited!! I have had nausea (and beyond) up until a few weeks days ago, and still have to be careful around certain smells. I have also become quite the expert at spelling nausea (you can only have it auto-correct to ‘Nassau’ so many times before wanting to throw your phone out the window). For some, I know that sort of sickness is the norm, and I’ve got mad respect for those people. It has run me down more than I’d like to admit, so I’ve tried to find positive things to report back to people (although for some I’ve been a broken record, thank you friend who’ve listened:). I owe my husband a billion dollars or more for all the diapers he’s changed. On another day, I’ll tell you stories about why he gladly covers that task for me (no questions asked…yikes).

I have felt energetic despite it all, and I’ve taken advantage of our close proximity to the beach more than ever, taking beach walks a few times a week. There’s a nice hill that I take down and coming back up with Luke in tow always gives me a hearty glisten. I also started using the pedometer on my phone, and yes..pretty sure I’m late to the party, but man that thing is so addicting! I keep trying to one-up myself day-to-day. I’ve kicked myself for the walks I’ve kept my phone in the stroller and missed a few thousand steps (it doesn’t register while rolling apparently). Pedometer issues developing, I’m sure, but meanwhile I’m having fun 🙂

I am so excited to bring another little someone into our family. It’s hard to believe that anybody could occupy the space in our hearts and lives that our son does now. I know that in January our world will burst a little.. I feel like so many things have already been different from before.. and in some ways, I have felt a little lost on what to expect with a little girl! But just like Luke was such a wonder to us at first, now.. he is ours, we know him, we love him and he was tailor made for our family. I know this little one will be no different. I can’t wait to discover how.

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