There are quite a few things I could be doing in this moment.. Once the child is down and things settle, it’s easy for me to dive into a spurt of work-related shenanigans (and let’s be honest, get a little lost and come back up for air at 10pm, yikes). But I’ve realized over the last few weeks, that I’m in desperate need of some open brain space and little silly outlets. For some reason, this little thing seemed to do the trick 🙂

Watching: Survivor, Amazing Race and catching up on Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.
Listening: I’m on a folksy gospel kick at the moment
Eating: Quinoa bowls with roasted veggies, and lots of breakfasts foods
Drinking: Water.. boring but true
Wanting: New workout pants; to help inspire me (Lord knows I need it!) and to not have to tug at myself throughout an entire workout class.. any recommendations :)??
Smelling: Salty, foggy summertime morning air, ahhh
Enjoying: Watching Luke discover things, all while pretending everything is a phone (lots of “hiyah” and “hi!” all day long)
Needing: A profession laundry assistant
Wondering: About the future, praying and listening
Loving: Long drives along the ocean, with a napping child to boot. Perfection.
Hoping: For a summer escape in the next few months (for some reason, lakeside sounds delightful)
Feeling: the need to purge purge purge in this house! Just took a major load of clothes to Crossroad ($50 in my pocket from that little purge) and I’m even considering a book purge, to help make room for some new book tenants. It’s sooo not like me to get rid of a book but I’m just ready to shake everything down to the depths and simplify
Wearing: My favorite jeans all day every day
Marveling: At all the ways I’m thankful for my husband. Cheesy, but we’re coming up on an anniversary and I am so thankful for a partner in crime who is willing to crash into all my garbage, emotion and fun. Truthfully, yeah him!
Giggling: With Luke after he toots, and the faces he makes to himself in the mirror! Hilarious.
Noticing: I carry more stress in my body (and heart) than I like to admit, learning to give it up
Knowing: I can’t do that without Jesus!
Thinking: I have some serious secret bronzing (from a bottle, at least!) to do before I’m going near my bathing suit this summer! Ay carumba!
Reading: This lovely article on women in ministry, love love love
Making: An effort to rearrange my whole house, sorry in advance to my dear husband
Wishing: For endless spa days and coffee dates with old faraway friends

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