We’ve got a one year old on our hands!



Luke is a one year old! I‘ve missed quite a few updates over these last couple months, So now that he is one year old, I couldn’t resist 🙂 On his birthday, we had some friends together after dinner and he had his first cupcake. He’s since had some bites of cake here and there, And it’s safe to say he loves it! We weren’t worried, That’s for sure. then, this last weekend, we dedicated him in front of our friends and family at church. I can’t believe how quickly one year has come and gone! here are a few things that he and his little one year old self is up to..

+saying “dada” and “mama” and “nigh-nigh” and a handful of other words!

+loves to eat.. no joke. he will eat anything.. i honestly have not come across a food he won’t eat

+his favorites though: cuties, bananas, avocado, sprouted grain toast, carrot cake, beans & cheese

+walking, running, everything (since 9 months). we are constantly on the move to chase him down!

+sleep was great and now it’s meh. we had a month of sickness so we may have to do some work to get back to the long chunks of wonderful sleep (but he’ll go from 7pm to 5am, sometimes even 7am on the most incredible of nights. but since the sickness, we’re all over the place—lord, bring back the sleep!)

+one morning nap and one afternoon nap (woohoo!)

+he’s indifferent to the bath at this current moment

+starting to have some light light blondie patches coming in, with a cute little ginger hue

+was dedicated this last weekend before his friends and family!

+still loving electronics. can’t get enough of basketballs, soccer balls and footballs!!

+curious as can be and loves to explore outside

+will start joining koast kids (daycare) at our church for a morning or so pretty soon here

+makes friends wherever he goes, and is happiest when mommy and daddy are in the same room with him. if one of us is gone for a little bit, he starts to get needy for that one. his happiest is all of us together (cute!)

+has a great net of aunties, uncles, grandmas and loved ones in his life

+we love this little bright light of a boy!!

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