Happy SIX months Luke!!

six months!

+now 26 inches and almost 17 pounds, go baby go!

+”ah-da-da” and tons of other sounds and half-words are on the regular over here 🙂

(we officially have a babbler!)

+exclusively nursing still (and it’s great!), but starting solids soon

+almost crawling, which i have no idea if i like that or not! ha! but very good at the booty shake in the air

+sleeps well at night in the “magic sleepsuit” which is truly magic

+prefer long afternoon naps and a morning catnap (that took awhile to hammer down for moi)

+love the pool (at least he did on our very warm vacation)

+still looks like there’s a little ginger going on, but we think it changes all the time

+gets very playful and silly with daddy, especially at the end of the workday and before dinner

+loves remote controls, phones, the camera monitor near the crib

+loves being out in nature and touching plants and water and leaves

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