A little mish-mash

September is half-way through and I’m coming to terms that my little boy will be SIX months old soon (YES, a half of a YEAR!). He’s an absolute joy that little one. This picture is a good capture of who he is—full of joy, excitement, easy-going and content. LOVE him. He’s in such a playful phase right now, he just plays and plays, chewing on different toys, rolling and beginning to crawl around. He’s not too too mobile yet but man, we really have to watch him now because he will flip and inch towards the edge of the bed so fast. He’s keeping us on our toes.

We’re away on vacation this week and last week and we’ve been loving spending this family time together. We are in the desert (Palm Springs—it’s in the 100’s and dry!) so we’ve been in the pool, done lots of laying in the sun, going on drives to sightsee and watching lots of movies once Luke is down for the night. It’s so fun to actually have good playtime in the pool with the little one. At home, it’s usually too chilly to do anything in water without him shivering after. That’s not a problem here 🙂

It’s been so refreshing for me to be able to go to the gym again or take a late night solo swim. While I wish that James could join me for those little times (we love a late night swim), there’s a measure of solitude I’ve gotten to enjoy this vacation that I’m so thankful for. We still have a few days left and after that we’ll make our way back up the state slowly (we take take the coast). Hope you’re also enjoying this summer as it winds down (it’s gotta be chilly somewhere out there..right??) 🙂

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