This last week, we spent the day in Carmel with James mom (Luke’s grandma!) and godmother who were visiting from Southern California. We went out for lunch and then walked all over the quaint little Carmel (along with every tourist in town apparently!!). Even with the crowds, it was so special to catch up and for Luke to get some loving from his family.

I love all the sweet nooks and crannies in Carmel.. there’s always a little empty alleyway to discover or sweet French bistro to taste test some croissants in (although I didn’t.. whyy!). And while taking loads and loads of photos, we discovered how much fun it is to be the ones making Luke smile for pictures. In the ones we’ve taken so far with him, it’s always a crazy staredown glare, but when we’re oogling and googling behind the camera, oh it’s just delicious!! 


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