Out on the farm

A few weeks ago, we headed up to our favorite farm to pick strawberries and picnic with the rest of the people we live on our campus with. It was foggy, as it is in our town, but it was pleasant, because company outweighs weather in my opinion! I don’t “get out” into too much nature, but considering the nature I do get myself into, fields of fruit seem to be at the top of the list. 
I love being “away” with other people in an environment we don’t usually exist in together, and how many different aspects we discover about each other. Figuring out that some like to frolic, some are meandering explorers, slowly discovering each and every little interesting thing on the way. My son, for example, is just tickled to be outside staring up at the big blue sky or trees, laid out on a blanket. Can’t wait to stare at the stars with this little man.. Maybe he’ll be the one who convinces James and I to truly, madly, deeply go camping one day (yikes).
Where do you love to explore??





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