Luke 33/52

I’m proud to say that smile up there was caused by me 😉

So today my baby boy slept in my arms like he did when he was a firstborn (all nestled in my arms, cradle style).. twice!! He hasn’t wanted to be in that position since his “sit-up” muscles have kicked in (although he’s not sitting up quite yet, almost!) and so I imagine it’s at least been a good two months. It was heaven. I treasure those little moments with him, because I’m acutely aware of the quickness of things.

It’s so strange and incredible all at once. These little beings grow before your eyes and while I long for the next stage, I am clinging to the last one at the same time. I understand wanting to bottle it all up and be able to pop it open when the time is right. But alas, it just doesn’t work that way!

But I’m in love with this stage. Luke’s belly laugh is really coming into itself and it’s delicious. His hair is growing longer and he’s beginning to burst out of some of his pants (so many highwaters at the moment.. sorry son!). He loves engaging and interacting with people, playing with his big bird stuffed animal and swatting and grabbing all his rattling and colorful toys. He tries to crawl and is starting to have a preference about everything.

What stage is your favorite with the little ones in your life? 🙂

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