luke at four months:

+belly squeaking and laughing.. it’s the cutest

+babbling much more and distinct “la la” and sometimes a “ma” pops out!

+loves toys (specifically a musical monkey and big bird stuffed animal)

+much faster nurser than before (praise hands in the air!)

+loves walks by the beach and strolling in the stroller

+approx. one nap a day ends up in the stroller 🙂

+has discovered trees, thumb sucking, rolling, my phone

+runs warm like daddy, sweaty child

+loves playtime with daddy, i love watching these boys play together

+got his first virus & sore throat, woke up every hour whimpering the first night, so so sad 😦

+probably has entered four month sleep regression but his cuddles are worth it

we love you little boy!!

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