Nursing essentials—updated!


What an adventure nursing has been!! I had no idea what to be ready for and if only those millions of pregnancy books I thumbed through had a huge caution page about nursing, I would’ve been a little more prepared.. maybe. This has been one of the things I have had to work the hardest at in helping little Luke (and now Kate, and now Emma!) grow these last years. From scheduled queen to hater of all schedules (lol), I am pretty sure I’ve felt all the feelings and tried to stick to my guns with this all. It is not easy but I do feel like it’s been rewarding.

If I could, I’d send every new nursing-hopeful mother a basket of these things, along with a link to, a site devoted to helping nursing moms with so many resources; the book they published is below! IN addition, prepared meals and a hug followed by immediate solitude 🙂 Either way, I present you with these. May your experience with nursing be incredibly rewarding!!


My essentials:

1) Bamboobies are my favorite reusable pads. They have daytime and nighttime thicknesses and they seem to get more velvety and soft with every wash.

2) Nursing bras and tanks! This bra is my overall favorite (target basics’ stella nursing bra) but I’m really happy with my tanks (target basics’ felicity slimming tankgilligan & o’malley nursing tank) as well. I totally avoided these to start but now I’m so thankful for the brainiac who decided these would be helpful to life and sanity. Update, these are all still my favorite!!

3) Swaddle blankets which is super flexible as a cover, there to catch the spit-up and to use as a, drumroll please, a blanket! Or this milk snob cover which is nice as a as a car-seat cover or a nursing cover (though more snuggly tight). We’ve used both!

4) Boppy pillow: I have two of these and couldn’t be happier. perfect nursing pillow. Also the perfect holding pillow at night.. I sleep with it all the time.

5) Good books, movies for the many hours of nursing right at the beginning!

6) Cozy clothes, robes, sweatshirts, comfy pants, socks, etc. And a cozy blanket nearby at any given moment in case you both fall asleep for a post-nursing catnap.

7) Lanolin: miracle jelly for le tatas. Apply liberally.. it was especially helpful in those first two months! I must say I didn’t use this with my subsequent children but I needed it bad the first time ’round.

8) Tender care hydrogel pads: a nurse handed me a pair of these when I was in the hospital and I had never known such sweet, sweet relief! These hydrogel pads (another option: soothies) are the coolest, relief-iest miracle invention. They are also a great item for the first month (especially in the hospital!).

9) Lanisoh gel relief (warm or cold): these were great for times of rawness or engorgement. stick these babies in the microwave for forty seconds and you’ve got these heavenly coverings on yourself, restoring you to all your nursing glory!

Happy nursing my friends!

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