For the new mama

There are a couple things that really got us through that first month hump that I have been wanting to share because seriously.. cold spash-a water on da face, people! We just had no idea what to expect (yes.. even though there’s a book) and you read so much about pregnancy but then—boom!—you’re not pregnant anymore.. you’re a for real parent and things just got real. So when the things get real.. this is what got us through 🙂

1) water bottle: seems obvious maybe but ice water (or water in general) was/is/will be a huge part of my life postpartum!! huge! If you are breastfeeding, you will be thirsty all the time. at least i was, and tons of other mamas i know. so be sure to have gallons stored up (twenty gallons in a week, sooo not joking).

2) swaddleme swaddle by summer infant: swaddle swaddle swaddle! your life will be easier. promise. we still swaddle luke so he doesn’t kick his blankets off, we just leave his arms out and put his little baby mittens on. we tried swaddling with the muslins from the hospital the first week and we got used to it but if we’d only thought to bring a few of the velcro swaddles we had at home, there would have been a few less cries from broken swaddles (mama and baby cries..).

3) bamboobie pads: these are wonderful! i have a ton of the daytime pads and a few sets of the nighttime ones. i’ve learned that leaking has nothing to do with your supply, and can happen at any given moment.. and especially helpful overnight (he’s sleeping 5+ hours) when i wake up in a puddle (fun). so when i found these reusable lovelies, i was elated. and they get softer with each wash, woohoo for bamboobies!

4) sleep sheep: stick this sucker anywhere and instant white-noise. another thing i would’ve loved that first week (we kept using our iphones which was a hassle). this sheep can go in the crib, on the car seat and beyond. love it!

5) high waisted american apparel leggings: anything that pulls it all in after birth without being too tight are my favorite and these high-waisters are awesome. as high as the pregnancy pants and great for the in-between being-a-huge-balloon-to-deflated-balloon-back-to-normal-tummy times. and way better quality than most i’ve found.

6) eat sleep poop by scott cohen: this book is awesome! i’ve read lots of stuff but this book is ah-maze-ing because it’s written from the perspective of a pediatrician, who’s also a first-time parent. gold, right?? so i’ve loved it. it’s extremely practical (common sense stuff) as well, which we all need a little of when we’re first time parents. okay maybe a lot!!

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