luke at two months:
+still smiling all the time (yay!)
+now cooing, gurgling and early signs of his laugh 🙂
+sleeping from his 10pm feeding all the way til 6-7am depending on day! fist bump baby boy.
+likes to sleep unswaddled from time to time but still prefers being all smooshed to sleep
+happily sleeps in his crib, our arms, his bassinet and the like
+starting to look way more like daddy in his eyes and cheeks
+hair seems to be getting a little lighter on top, looking reddish-brown
+getting to be a better communicator! and we’re really learning his cries
+cutest underlip shudder when something is not to his liking**
+so so so content!!
**funny story: the other night, james and i yawned simultaneously while luke was on my lap. it must’ve hit him the wrong way because his bottom lip curled over the top and he stared at us with the saddest face for a moment and then let out a faint, sad but sweet little cry. heart wrenching-make-you-never-want-to-yawn-again! hope he gets used to those yawns fast though..they’re not going anywhere soon 😉

3 thoughts on “21/52

  1. Ahhhh congratulations!! Obviously I'm 2 months late! Love your new blog look but especially love your cute little baby boy. I am SO pumped to be having a boy! I've heard great things : ) And oh that lip shudder before the tears…just heartbreaking…


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