^^ DO you guys see this eyebrow raise?! Kills me. Happy Friday guys! Hope you have fun plans for the weekend. We’re hoping the weather cools a little! Consistent high 80’s in this town is enough to make us all melt—I’d do anyyyyyything for A/C right about now! Or maybe it’s just me.. Can I blame this one on the hormones too?

We will be spending time with good friends today and throughout the weekend, hopefully taking a family walk and getting ourselves to the wonderful world of Target (let’s just say Target is our haven as new parents..and we’re not alone because I see at least 10.3523 parents with newborns everytime I go; fistbump new move over, you’re blocking the pampers). Hope you enjoy you’re adventures as well, and better hope you don’t end up in a pushing match with me over wipes in the diaper aisle at Target 😉

And I saw this post elsewhere and thought it was a fun idea, so here we are. Living on the edge 🙂

Making: my house a home, constantly. did some moving around this morning—best feeling ever.
Cooking: not too much, I’m kind of in smoothie land (blueberry!)..
Drinking: iced water. all day, every day.
Reading: all the books on how to help babies learn to sleep. you guys, it’s starting to work!
Wanting: our own backyard pool
Looking: out my window to the lovely sunlit courtyard. its’ tres romantic.
Playing: “happy” by pharrell (yes, the one everyone’s sick of 🙂
Wishing: i had a personal chef this morning. for eggs benedict to be specific.
Enjoying: my baby boy’s cooing
[still] Liking: the “it’s gonna be may” meme with jt. i know you’re so over it.. but not may!
Wondering: if you’re still reading at this point 🙂
Loving: my family and friends. so grateful for them more and more each day.
Marveling: at how long our child is! he is not even 2 months and busting out of the 3 month stuff lengthwise (but swimming in it horizontally hehe)
Needing: a foot rub and sparkly drink
Smelling: the salty ocean air
Wearing: chambray and loose dresses
Following: modern seinfeld on twitter. i have been for awhile and it’s gold, jerry, gold!
Noticing: how much room there is for me to be better at counting my many blessings
Knowing: what my baby’s cries mean, little by little.
Thinking: not a lot. brain mush, my friends.
Bookmarking: foods for breastfeeding mamas!
Giggling: pretty often these days
Feeling: sneezy, dopey, sleepy, but very happy

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