Celebrating motherhood on a beautiful day!

I can’t believe how gorgeous Mother’s Day was this year! We started the day being woken up by an unhappy but adorable little boy and taking our time getting up. On days where we’re relaxing, we take waking up slowly to a new level (at least I did!) and I stayed in there as long as possible. A dream.

I knew it would be beautiful so I wanted to get a berry bowl for breakfast and have a family walk on West Cliff in Santa Cruz, but since everyone and their mom wanted to walk there too (the traffic to the other side of town was tragic), we decided to walk on this side of town. I did not regret this decision! The water was more clear than I’ve ever seen it, I couldn’t stop taking pictures (clearly). When people see you with the car seat stroller and a babe all covered up, they usually know it’s a little one in there, and a bunch of sweet strangers wished us congratulations and happy first Mother’s Day!

We also made time to stop by one of my favorite kids stores, Outside In—usually a browse only store if you know what I mean—and bought a few sweet things for Luke! My favorite is a mama-baby sea animal book I found, followed closely by the cutest baseball pajama set I’ve ever seen. I may have to do a photoshoot with him in that one..

Then, we popped by the grocery store for rotisserie chickens, fresh bread and salad fixins and came by my moms to make dinner for the other star mama of the day! I was in charge of salad (I always am!) and picked out a new-to-me dressing at Whole Foods that I have more than once now, stopped myself from sneaking in a sip a la carte because it’s that good! Look for the three buck Cindy’s brand in the pre-washed lettuce section. Ah-mazing.

Luke did pretty well all day until the end because I think he had his fill of the hot weather. And when it’s hot out, we’re finding that the babe doesn’t seem to like it too much. Tomorrow is 85 (which is hot around here) and let’s just say I’m praying our apartment decides to stay cool with fans and cross-ventilation (it won’t..). But we got him cooled down and caught an episode of Bar Rescue til it was time to feed baby boy again, we love that Jon Taffer.

Looking westward towards Pleasure Point..
You can neeeever see straight to the bottom like that!
 Zee mamas!
Und zee dinner!

Hope all you mamas of all sorts (whether by heart, by blood, by choice or by accident) were celebrated on Sunday—you deserve it!

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