The home stretch!

i’ve been calling these last many weeks of pregnancy the “home stretch” for quite awhile now, and little did i know i should have been reserving it for this last few days we’ve had!

<< this was 38 weeks and yes, i’m still wearing the same outfit 🙂

we are now one week overdue and i’m feeling all the emotions of everything that entails. james and i have resorted to laughing out loud at certain reactions of mine (he waits for my cue, of course) or he kindly says sorry to things he had nothing to do with in the first place.

ie the water i spilled all over the belly today (weeping!), deciding where to put the trail mix in the pantry, and i’m pretty sure i dropped something in the middle of a contraction which was, in the moment, crushing. he apologized for that too.

gosh it’s pathetic.

am i busy? i’m keeping pah-lenty busy, filling my time with turkey sandwiches (yeah, that’s right rules of pregnancy.. lunchmeat!). i’ve reorganizing all of luke’s baby stuff multiple times. it’s been “set up” for a few weeks now, but i keep finding ways to un-set it up and do it all over again.

something that i totally love is i’ve been able to be part of all the church/ministry life i’m not usually around for (because of work). then there’s a lot of peeing. and we’re on a jerry kick again. we have fully caught up on comedians in cars getting coffee, countless seinfeld episodes and much of jerry’s early standup material on youtube. we love jerry.

so for all who are interested in the centimeter stuff.. not that it should or needs to be interesting to you :)… but you know, for those who, like me, just like to read and learn about all the billions of pregnant women’s stories and experiences, blah blah blah. i’ve been 3cm for almost a week, and was 2cm for a week or more before that. progress! we did more tests this week and he is as healthy as could be, normal movement, great heart rate, still in launch position etc. which is all we really cared about. my blood pressure is even better than ever! now it’s never been bad, but i just have some weird stress-ball-ness when seeing my doctor (any doctor) and sweet nurse jackie has learned my ways and waits til the end of the appointment to take my vitals so i can chill out a little. say it with me now: high maintenance 🙂

based on all the conversations i’ve had with other moms who went two and three weeks overdue, i’m guessing i’m a little wimpy in the patience department.  we are only one week overdue at this point and if he’s still hanging out, we induce on monday the 24th, which will be the ten days past. which means hello light at end of the tunnel!! man. i have major respect for this whole process, every step has been such a miracle. and we just can’t wait to meet our little end result.

4 thoughts on “The home stretch!

  1. You're AMAZING Casey!!!!! I was induced with Owen a week after his due date and I was oh so ready! I know the feeling very well. I'm praying that your little man decides that he is ready to come ASAP! Love you and I can't wait to see his sweet little face!


  2. oh thank you friend!!! love you and can't wait for luke and owen to have a hangout sesh, or at least a long overdue gold-member coffee date with their mommies 😉 ps happy to get to read your blog again, woohoo!


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