Full time little boy wrangler

wouldn’t ya say little boys need a full time wrangler? most little boys i know at least! well i am pleased to say that as of valentine’s day, i will cease + desist my 9-5 (for good!) and have the pleasure of taking up a career in being a maja, or mother as they call it, and i’m kind of freakin’ out in the best of ways.
it’s bittersweet to leave my job. but let’s be real though—hardest thing to leave is always the people (thankfully i can still figure out ways to see them!). but it’s all getting sweeter by the day because i cannot wait to be a full-time mom.
i never really pictured myself taking off a year or more of work to raise babes. my mom was a working woman my whole life (let’s say it more how it was—a high powered business woman, yeah mom!) but still made things work so that i never had a nanny, etc.
i watched her work hard and gained so much from seeing her in that arena, from how she problem solved to her tenacity to her perseverance. i still watch that and absolutely admire it. and for every ounce of hard work she’d give, she always knew how to unwind in the best of ways (still does! as i write this, she’s at a spa with friends in the rocky mountains!).
so i pictured that same thing for myself, as we sometimes do, which is not bad or good but more just was. and i know we’re just getting out the gate here, but i am excited to see what sort of turn this all takes. who really knows! i may be like a few friends of mine who lasted six months and then needed something part time. i could also end up loving it and never want to work a 9-5 again (hmm!).
but regardless of what’s down the road, as of this moment, i couldn’t be more excited. things are about to be turned upside down. i’m already thinking of all the different outings we’ll need to plan into our week so i don’t flip my house upside down (we’re in cozy quarters at the moment), but i can’t wait! i’m excited to be right alongside and watch our son discover life.
am i less excited about being the only one to handle the blowouts during the daytime hours? that’s more of a meh, but you know, bring it on!
to my dear job, i wouldn’t say i loved you ever, but i’m sure thankful for the people i got to know because of it all. but i’m welcoming this mommy thang with open arms and hoping i come out not smelling too much like poo.
but you’ll still like me, right? even if i do, right.. you know..
smell like poo.
images found here, here and here.

4 thoughts on “Full time little boy wrangler

  1. You are gonna be a great maja! :]
    Don't worry about taking time off. I'm not a mother, but I think if you can afford it, the time you get to spend with your baby will worth it.


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