32 weeks bumpdate

hello! so i haven’t really done a whole lotta baby bump updates on here..at all in fact! besides personally jotting things down here and there or sharing with friends who’ve ask or the occasional instagram photo (here, here).
so little boy, thirty-two weeks old in my tummy, let’s share 🙂 here i am we are right now:
can i just say that it’s been really hard for me to enjoy bump pictures?! don’t take this the wrong way, i loooove how my body has had to change/adapt/stretch to accommodate our little baby, he’s truly a miracle!
but when one feels large as life (or ‘enormo‘ like one friend said—so spot on!), one doesn’t necessarily love to pose for a picture. so maybe that’s just me, but i am pressing through friends! i will try to document more, no matter how puffy eyed and blobby i feel.
and thank you to my husband who has documented to the tune of ‘no please‘ and ‘babe really‘ and ‘i will cut you’ (ok i didn’t say that except with my eyes) for the last few months. he is a champ. post to come with all those winning photos, but really i should, because they’re ridiculous and pouty but in the way that you need to share with members of the general public.
so a few notes on how we’re doing over here?
+) truly so well taken care of, so many people are blessing us with things left and right!
+) i’m hungry for: oranges, grapes, apples, water, bagels
+) childbirth class is: slightly terrifying but also somewhat reassuring
+) most active: in the morning, in bed at night or after a long day when i finally plop on the couch
+) sleep is: a precious, precious commodity at the moment!
+) fun fact: my mom told me they had a waterbed when she was pregnant with me, the horror!
+) i would’ve popped that thing so fast.
we also took a tour of the hospital a few weeks ago and saw 29 week old twins in the nicu, which was absolutely incredible. these little babies with little heads the size of a tennis ball were alive and well in their little tanning bed. we couldn’t believe that our baby was already bigger than those two. it’s incredible.
wow baby! here we go little dude!

One thought on “32 weeks bumpdate

  1. Thanks for your congrats! Oh my goodness, I am so behind on your pregnancy! Congratulations on the boy! I think we're hoping for a boy first (but obviously we would love a healthy baby girl just as much) 🙂 I'm guessing he's already born by now? I'm dying to hear the details from those who have gone before me. I still can't believe we're pregnant. Does it ever get to a point where you really believe it? Maybe once you get a significant bump…or maybe it's not till baby arrives 🙂


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