a few thoughts on this new year

2014 hit me like a ton of bricks.. albeit a big pile of those fun, soft, float in the bathtub sort of bricks. the new year has felt so far away from me, but here we are six days in.

this means that our baby is coming in just about two months!? i don’t even know how to express how out of body weird that is for me: exciting. scary. sobering. lovely. but mostly freakin’ unbelievable how fast it has all gone. i always hear how pregnancies are such a tediously long thing. in my mind, there is so so much to do and prepare for! but in true vacation fashion, we spent the majority of our christmas slash new years break watching movie marathons and not regretting a single moment.

this year, i’m looking forward to all the new. i have no idea what to expect and what life will look like in a few months—not a clue. everything will be turned upside down, but i’m so very excited. i have a feeling i will have the chance to get to the end of myself once again, realize where i’m weak and hopefully where i’m strong, the places where james and i are completely inadequate and then the places where we have that ‘mommy and daddy’ love oozing out from deep in ourselves.

so my deep desire and hope for this year is overflow. for that rich moment when things that are lacking no longer present themselves as obstacles and hurdles, but rather the very place of god’s overflowing grace and confidence.. and getting to be right where we’re supposed to, unprepared and all. and thankfully, baby can always sleep in a basket, and that’s a very good place to sleep 🙂

image from here.

6 thoughts on “a few thoughts on this new year

  1. wow! i cant believe how quickly the time as gone! 2 mos is so exiting! im sure you will be tired, but also delirious with love and joy. so excited for you!


  2. Wow, 2 months! So close! I am so excited for you!

    I would love to see a picture of you, because I love that sort of thing. Growing babies. Blows my mind. The human body is amazing isn't it? Hope you are feeling well. So much love to you, Casey!!


  3. thanks anna! more pics to come (that instagram one was inspired by you hehe). it's true, it's bizarre what our bodies can do—amazing! have a wonderful weekend my friend! xoxo


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