DIY Dyed Hand Towels

For a few of this year’s christmas gifts, i used a clever little idea from Martha and dyed simple kitchen towels from IKEA to package up and give out in little bunches to the family (i stuck a fresh baked loaf of chocolate chip banana bread in there too, mmm.. ps best recipe i ever used!).

The original idea came from this page (martha’s photographers are somewhat superior obviously!). I picked up the towels from ikea and found these e-a-s-y dye packets from dharma trading company online. the packets are so easy to use! i used them in my front load washer and they did not proceed to dye everything i washed afterwards thank the lord! although i heard the dyes may not be as easy to work with in top loaders, the colors came out really nicely for me. i think i would choose a few more jewel tones next time (i thought yellow would be more golden). overall, i was pretty happy with it all!

Did you do any fun projects in place of all store bought gifts this year?

the blues and greens were definitely my favorite
and all topped it off with some jute and bakers twine! voila 🙂

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