San Francisco by bus

last weekend, we—along with a huge group of friends—took a double-decker tour bus through san francisco as a ‘christmas outing’ of sorts. how fun to see the city this way! it was also an easy way to be together and in the midst of a busy month, that’s pretty much the top of my priority list.

i must say that i now highly recommend taking a tourist tour of your local city! even if it’s your hometown (while sf is not, i would never think to take a tour), it’s amazing to see all the interesting historical facts that lie around every corner (we went with ‘big bus sf‘). here are a couple of my favorites!

friends on buses! and more friends on buses!
there’s always need for a beard shot according to my husband 🙂
the transamerica building where cousin penny works 🙂 love the view from a double decker! the tallest building in san francisco and one of the safest places to be in the case of an earthquake believe it or not!
jude. our precious little friend.
beautiful painting in the tl (tenderloin) district
san francisco city hall, which is actually 19 feet higher than the united states capitol, which is only allowed because san francisco is not the capital of california. clever!
driving through the haight, always eclectic and so much history i never knew of! plus lots of delicious food places.
and just a precursor for the amount of golden gate pics about to come.. you wouldn’t understand unless you went on a double decker over the golden gate! it’s amazing! and really really windy.
after the bus, we walked around pier 39 before i couldn’t handle it anymore 🙂 it’s a little overly fishy and busy for my liking, but beautiful view nonetheless.
and my favorite, the ferry building. and against that big blue sky. “wintertime” is surely one of the most beautiful (and sometimes shockingly warm) times of year in these parts!

2 thoughts on “San Francisco by bus

  1. So incredibly gorgeous! I would love to visit San Fran. I've only been to Anaheim and a little of LA, but it was a short trip. I feel like there is soo much more to see. Love your little facts too – I cannot believe that crazy building would hold up in an earthquake! I think that's why I'm a little bit nervous about California!


  2. ooh i highly recommend it! there's so much to explore 🙂 and if you went to anaheim, that probably means you went to disneyland and that's my favorite! but there are all sorts of places i continue to discover here. don't worry! we're mostly earthquake safe! i would l-o-v-e to see virginia! seems so beautiful.


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