San Francisco

on wednesday we took a special trip to the city to soak in everything christmas, shop and just hang out. we took a little bit different route than usual and decided to put off shopping too much and may i just say, best decision ever! it’s so much less stressful to simply browse around and take everything in (for us, that is!). although, i didn’t subject myself to anthropologie because if there’s no room in the budget for it, that’s just plain cruel. and truly, at six months pregnant, i haven’t felt like flexing my shopping muscles in the stores this year.. it has been a very amazon christmas thus far 🙂

the display at the westin above and the tree below, gorgeous!

when we’re in the city during christmastime, we love to stroll by the tree, grab a cappuccino or italian soda at the coffee shop by the ice rink, stroll down maiden lane and check in at gumps to look at all the beautiful christmas decor. we ended up seeing a movie too and i managed to find every decent bathroom in the surrounding area (i recommend the westin, gumps, nespresso and the daily grill!). we ended the night with dinner and topped it off with the most lovely and decadent chocolate dessert.
ham face 🙂
we just love christmas!

what are some of your favorite ways to soak in the christmas season??

4 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Ooooh! This makes me excited to be going to The City this weekend. I have become pretty obsessed with Christmas things this year, for once. I love looking at light displays that people have around their homes.


  2. Oh my goodness, I feel like I can vicariously live through your pictures! I miss the city – glad I'll be home with the fam for Christmas so I can pretend like I live in a big one. Gorgeous! You and your hubby are so cute : )


  3. thank you + i'm so glad you can live vicariously through these—i love doing that! it's so fun for us to visit too and move a little faster 🙂 merry christmas, jenn!


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