Little letters

dear berry farm, i love your strawberry cider & cobbler (and blackberry) and old chess set.. and even though i threw a halfway fit when james won our chess tournament today, i promise i won’t be a sore loser next time (at least i’ll try 🙂

dear sundays, so happy to have sundays in our lives! our new day for adventures, sleeping in, making breakfast together (which happened today.. the thought!) and relaxing! you are our new family day—hooray for you!

dear james, thank you for always getting me cold water from downstairs or arizona iced tea from the kitchen late at night. my ravenous thirst spurts come at inconvenient times, but you are so accommodating! muah.

dear september, i appreciate the warm weather to console us until we’ve unpacked all our sweaters and practiced drinking strawberry cider again.. i’m just about ready for the rest of you 🙂

that said.. to our dear apartment, your afternoon ‘swelter’ temperature is rather brutal. please, if you could, take it down a couple notches before we melt in here! kay? we’ve compared you to a fiery furnace a few too many times in the last couple weeks.

dear little pumpkins on the sides of country roads, i’m so thankful for your bright, rainbow of orangey beauty every few miles. you are wonderful little messengers of what’s around the corner in the most happy way.

dear wonder years, we are enjoying you ever so much. aside from the occasional weeping. it’s just so darn touching and relatable. we love you arnold family and winnie and paul and everyone else. any fans out there?

dear reader, have a wonderful monday!
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