Self portrait

so is a self portrait considered a selfie? here’s mine:

hope you all have a great weekend! we’re starting our new saturday night services at our church with an awesome dinner in between so i’m super excited for how that will all pan out; we have some prep-age to do tomorrow. nothing like enjoying a meal with friends though, i think it’s going to be my new favorite right away.
then, on sunday, we will have our [drumroll please..] first day off together since before we were married! hoorah! it’s pretty special to us.. we have not had a full day off together since before we knew to spend it together! you know, sans vacation. so it is extremely special for us to plan on sleeping in, watching football, heading to the store together, baking something, really.. the possibilities are endless! so who knows what we’ll come up with? hope you have a great weekend!

100 seriously cool self portraits
Self-Portraiture: An Incomplete Visual History

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