i finally had some time to get some of our hawaii pics together!! and i must say, hawaii you were so so good to us! the only goal of this trip was rest, sweet sweet rest. we were in maui the last week of august and it was a dream. solid eighties, ocean breeze, ample amounts of our favorite foods, sleeping in! oh! and you know it’s a good sign when the most difficult decision you have to make for the day is beach versus pool! i hope we can make this trip as much of a tradition as possible, cause hawaii.. you are our love language!


we stayed at the same hotel we visited on our honeymoon, the hyatt regency in ka’anapali, which is just above lahaina. if we didn’t want to, we needn’t even leave the resort, but we did for supplies (let’s just put it out there.. rice crispies, milk and barbara’s puffins! yum!). if we were adventuring, we would’ve left many more times.. but we came for rest, which for us means no schedules, no expectations (except the relaxing ones) and no rushing. i wasn’t really familiar with vacations of this nature until my husband came along. and for that i am very thankful, we needed this one my friends 🙂

the valley view from our hotel room, the ocean was on the other side 🙂 see??..
shave ice with cream top hmm

do you like spam musubi??? james thinks i’m crazy but there’s something so satisfying about spam, rice and nori all wrapped in a glorious little package! hmm..

this is our favorite pool hands down! the hyatt does it up when it comes to the pool. that waterfall leads to a grotto and another pool once you swim through. the pool itself is humongous with little shelves all around that we were laying on, and therein burning our tushes but you know.. it’s alllll good.

we heart sushi. clearly… 🙂 below we polished it off and i was already looking for the next roll!
luckily this pic crops a little of our extreme redness out, but you can still see a little on my shoulders and james face 🙂 although i have to say, i’m so proud that i did n-o-t peel once this vacation!! hooray!

a mess of sunset pictures and a sunset we won’t soon forget.

so mahalo hawaii for a wonderful vacation! and if you haven’t had your fill of the hawaiian language, be sure to book hawaiian air for your next vacation, we were ‘mahalo-ed’ enough to fill a lifetime!!

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