i know i have that little button on my sidebar over there that says ‘blogtember’ and you might be wondering what that’s all about! well! here’s more on that, but basically it was my desire to blog every day this month (like i did last may!). and in my mind, i had this dream that i’d be able to blog all sorts of bloggy-ness this month but it just hasn’t worked out like i’ve hoped! sooo meanwhile, i will be joining in when it’s possible, because i like that sort of stuff 🙂

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some self reflection, y’all.

today i’ll be sharing about a personality test i’ve taken like thirty times, and without fail i am an ‘enfj’ which i am extremely and unhealthily proud to share with jerry seinfeld. at least it seems unhealthy how prideful i am about that one 🙂 but jerry’s our fave, so i’ll let it lie. ‘enfj’ stands for extraverted intuitive feeling judging. below is a little more on what the personality experts (or the first page that came up when i googled) say about these sorts of people..

i should add.. i don’t really live and die by these sorts of tests. i know that they’re out there to assist with figuring out who we all are in this big crazy world, and some of this is totally right on, but i know that certains things won’t apply and certain things i’m not necessarily able to just fix myself (especially in the weaknesses section).. in my life, that help comes through a different source, but at any rate, it’s still fun to take these things and see what lines up and what doesn’t—boom!

the strengths of an enfj (just a couple of them, as taken from this site):
1, Understanding and empathizing with others; realizing “where they are coming from”
Guilty as charged! I’m definitely one to ‘feel’ for others, this one is so me… to a fault!
2. A talent for creative expression which can turn ordinary things into something magical. 
3. The ability to see many facets of a problem and the many ways it might be resolved. 
I love problem solving! And analyzing. Very much me.
4. The ability to make creative and valuable use of time spent alone. 
Yes! Even though I get filled up being around people, I love my quiet time to myself.
5. Openness to the spiritual connections between all things. Yes! Jesus!
6. They become increasingly creative, visionary and empathetic.
Bring on the creativity, people. But yes, increasing empathy would be correct.
7. Effective and kind managers of businesses, people, and various situations that life presents.

the weaknesses of an enfj (as taken from this site):1. The ENFJ naturally looks outward to find value and satisfaction, and whilst it is essential that this direction be taken to fulfill their primary needs of relation and comfort..ENFJs can overvalue the external world to the point where they lose sight of themselves, becoming fixed in their judgements about people and the world.
2. The ENFJ can tend to live in a rigid – and to others, somewhat surreal – world of definite values which often seems “overstated” or obsessively connected to other people or human situations.
yes, own worst critic if you know what i mean!
3. If the ENFJ does not learn how to see beneath the appearance of what they quickly judge as good or bad about the people and situations in their external environment, they will only use their introverted intuition to support those judgements they feel are good for them and disregard not only other possibilities but their own quality of inner life as well. i need (oh so much)people’s input, i know this yes, true true 🙂

so what are you!? take a test here 🙂

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