Pool day

on saturday we went with a few friends up to los altos hills to the most lovely poolside shpot! it was sooo hot and beautiful and my first official pool day of the summer. i’ve been swimming laps again a lot more lately but let’s just all agree now that that doesn’t constitute having a pool day! ok people! the property was incredibly lush and amazingly landscaped with a view of the bay from various corners. oh! and the beautiful garden oasisi (oaisises..?). i couldn’t post too many other specific house pics but i assure you it was also an absolute dream. and those comfortable poolside chairs? so worth it. these chairs were way more comfy that our couch and dare i say bed!! can i move in already!? 

awesome barbecue area, we did tri-tip 🙂

spouting fountains are the best! as are underwater cameras..

..so here’s to infinity pool days this summer for us all!  

5 thoughts on “Pool day

  1. A summer by the pool – bliss! I am lucky to live near the sea, but when I move to Ohio I would love a property with a pool!



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