Summer catch-up

it’s true. i’ve succumbed to being a bad blogger as of late. i didn’t want it to come to this.. you know, a post about being a bad blogger. blah! and i didn’t, but you know, alas, here i am. i think the onset of summer has threw off my clock in many many ways. there’s just a busy little buzz that begins around this time and i love it and i always have to adjust. i’m a major season-to-season adjuster, always takes me some time, it’s the weirdest yet most normal thing to me. thought i’d written about my seasonal adjustment interlude issues before, but just realized i haven’t.. so i guess more on that later 🙂 anyhow!


i’m getting back into my running routine, which felt impossible since winter. like really, truly absolutely impossible! have you ever experienced this? but hooray because i’m craving it like mad again. and it really really helps that i found my jam because for years, i had my go-to workout music mix and it was good, durn good. somewhere along the line, it was lost, never to be played again to the pitter patter of my feet. in other words, james put it through the washer a few times and my little pod was ruined. i’m obviously over it 😉 but my new jam is making me sweat, and i love it. so my little hot pink shoes, i’m back.


we’ve also been recuperating from our amazing week of vbs in more ways than one: sharing the heck out of all our different stories, cleaning the thick layers of dirt from our abode/shoes/face/etc, washing things, singing the songs, instagramming a whole lot but really, my favorite of all—hearing all the amazing testimonies, which i must add how amazing it is to see the unbelievable things that happen when you give up of yourself, i always have something i walk away with that i didn’t have before. vbs has done that in our church family this year and the aftermath is electric i tell you.

things at work have been insane, verging on haywire. this is absolutely the climax of our year.. right this minute. it’s a good haywire i’d say, because i love things busy and productive and buzzing about. that all makes for a happy casey, but there’s always a little juggling involved, and i might as well be a circus clown this week 😉

i am also counting down the moments til this weekend and next! we have a four day weekend (july 4 + 5 off! off!) and this weekend, we’re headed up to los altos hills for a day at the pool. our friends have incredible connections so we’ll be splashing in the glorious waters of a silicon valley guru master techy person’s pool. let’s just say that their pool bathroom has gold-laden tiles and fixtures, it’s both dreamy and shocking in the same breath. and those pool day.. they just do it in for me though. one will give me a good two weeks fuel. i think they’re my love language.

i’m also starting a bible study with a few of our high-school girls on identity. focusing on really knowing who we are and why we tick the way we do and how it’s so good and necessary that we tick that way! and that idea so opposes a lot of things i see/experience/feel. thoughts about how we’re ‘not supposed to feel this way or i’m somehow the messed up misfit’ of life. i’ll say that was oh so prevalent in high school for me! a few years of life/lessons/jesus can be helpful in that whole equation 🙂 so i’m excited to dive into that with them. i did something a few years back where we decorated composition books and did all sorts of studies and activities in them to sort of cement, discover, underline our own identity. i loved it so much, still have the book and will probably never tire of looking in it. excited to give these girls something somewhat similar to give them another gauge of what’s really true about each of them. maybe i’ll also share more about some of the little activities we’ll do.. they’re pretty fun.

anyways. so many random thoughts, so much on my mind and happening. more regular posts to come somewhat soon, thanks for sticking around in the inconsistency 🙂

h-o-w is your summer friend!?

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