Life lately

a few snapshots of the last few weeks, because one, i’ve been a sick zombie along with my sickie husband. two people attempting to take care of one another on lots of medication is not necessarily an ideal situation, but we’ve been making it through. and two, isn’t it just the busiest time? school’s out, high season at work, preparing for various summer camps, summer vacations, etc etc. thankfully, this busy season involves a lot of fun 🙂 like..
again, getting over the longest sickness of ever. james had just kicked it and it’s already back, which is surely not acceptable ‘june’ behavior! despite it all, we’re still pushing to get over with it and finally succumbed to antiobiotics, though we’re not a fan of those.. so now, lots of fruits, veggies, hot soup, etc.
also attending the most graduations possible. so proud of our senior class and all their accomplishments! each one of our youth group’s five graduating seniors were from a different school (plus two eighth grade graduations) so we’ve been to quite a few ceremonies, and as a result, have become extremely opinionated about graduation ceremonies. for example, never open a speech with ‘while i’m supposed to say that blah blah blah, instead i’m going to say blah blah blah’.. e-v-e-r-y one and their mom utilized this little intro. let’s just say if i never hear that phrase again, i wouldn’t mind too much.
the penny ice creamery’s whiskey custard and oat and brown sugar flavors. best date night ever. do it.
t ball games! ..if you haven’t been to one lately, there’s a lot of ‘hey we’re playing t-ball out here!’ reminders and quite a few daisy crowns. this particular game they bat until they hit, which is ever the entertaining! little slugger on first here was ready for action as you can see 😉
national doughnut day! now look who’s trendy! yup, a piping hot vegan maple donut was consumed on that fine holiday.
flowers from friends. isn’t it just the funnest season for flowers? tj’s has a few to envy, but these pretty ones were from a friend’s [incredible] garden. a garden on the top of a hillside with chickens and roses for days. dreamy!
relaxing after a run above capitola village on the clearest of clear days, such a pretty day to sit oceanside and re-lax with the waves.
finishing our youth room remodel!! phase one is complete! and so is our 14′ chalkboard wall, woohoo 🙂 as soon as we have some more professional photos taken, i’ll have to post the before-and-after, because it’s amazing. still some more to be done, but the floors, walls, lighting, benches, new chairs and blackboard wall definitely keep me pleased as punch.
and i leave you with a most pathetic selfie of moi on lots and lots of medication. onward and upward health! hope your june is off to a fabulous start so far 🙂

4 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. Oh goodness, I hope you start to feel better. My husband was a youth pastor for 5 years, so I tooootally understand the graduation party run down. My birthday is May 27th, so every birthday weekend we were at grad parties. It's fun though..and like you said, we were proud. Feel better soon!


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