every day in may (on ‘letting go’)

you guys!! there are two more days left of this blog every day in may challenge and i might just be at a loss for words when this is all over! you’ll have to bear with me most eee-specially after this month of may is over, who knows if there will be anything left to write! 🙂
today’s prompt is to ‘react to this term: letting go’..
well. i have plenty of things i want to let go of: assumptions, defensiveness, the quest for perfection (blah!), unrealistic expectations on myself and loved ones.. i could think of quite a few more but that last one’s the kicker for me: expectations. for some reason, it’s easy for me to get this firm idea of what things ‘should’ look like in my head. it’s this unspoken ‘thing’ i’m supposed to attain towards. don’t get me wrong, i think we’d all be pretty boring if we lived life without expectations, but when they get to the point of driving me unnecessarily, they become—for me—rather unhealthy.
i think i finally come to the point of realizing it when somebody mentions something in passing. a truly silly example.. i had a sunday meeting we had a few weeks ago that i put on with a friend. i had this idea that at said meeting would need to be a filled to the brim, cooled just so, refreshing jar of sweet tea accompanied by a toppling platter of freshly baked large chocolate chip cookies. you know, as all meetings call for (did i tell you this was a silly example?). 
so on saturday, i went about the day with my many chores as saturday is my wam-bam-thank-you-mam-get-things-done day that by four o’clock i was rather exhausted. just as i was about to head downstairs to start brewing my tea and baking up a storm, james mentioned that we should take it easy the rest of the day since tomorrow would be busy. but the cookies?? but the t-e-a?!? i couldn’t do store bought, no! it was like this ridiculous battle in my mind over meeting treats, that in the long run, people, do n-o-t matter. 
i suppose that’s a silly example of what i mean.
what i mean to say is that instead of living under these silly expectations of myself.. to do what i can do. that what i really bring to the table is who i am, not perfectly baked [with a dash of salt and a triple chocolate entendre] batch of cookies. so here’s to doing what we can! and those expectations of other people? well, that’s a whole other post. i’ll just start with me for now 🙂

3 thoughts on “every day in may (on ‘letting go’)

  1. Not a silly example at all- I do the same exact thing. I feel a failure without yummy treats to provide at get-togethers, and you're right. These things do not matter. Let go.


  2. Girl, you spoke right to my heart. I am just now realizing how I have these expectation for myself and how I think things should be. But funny thing is while I have an expectation I have no idea what that means. I'm getting married and was like “I think married people should be doing A, B & C” and I don't even know where I was coming up with these ideas of what that was. It's ok to be getting married and still have dirty laundry laying around and a sink full of dishes. I need to simmer on my expectations of myself 🙂 I actually just published my “letting go” post from the blog every day challenge on Monday because it took me awhile to formulate some of the thoughts.

    It's helpful to hear other people talk about these things, too 🙂


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