every day in may (this one’s about music!)

today’s challenge is to share ‘five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post’ i had n-o-o-o idea how much i would enjoy this..i never knew how many memories a song would evoke! i look forward to reading everyone else’s entries! if you’re having trouble with grooveshark (i did), i linked the youtube video in the artists name 🙂

being a kid + dancing around the house, gloria estefan was my jam! miami sound machine baby! the sprinklers were on in the backyard, chocolate chip pancakes had just been consumed and the ‘rhythm is gonna get ya’ on in the background 🙂

boston for those long summers in college! summers at the lake, going to the drive-in and all of us squeezing in the back of my pickup, trying to sing at all those falsetto parts.. 🙂 i was a bit of a classic rock nut but boston by far takes the cake for me..


i was/am/will be a faithful coldplay listener for foreeever. i have it all from early released whatnot to acoustic version of this and that, memories of waiting in line for cd releases and arriving to a concerts four hours early and nearly crying afterwards with friends (emotional highschoolers we were and all the lights at their concerts!! i had no idea how emotion lights are!). james shares my love + we decided to have this song in our wedding ceremony (when all the friends walked..i walked to norah jones ‘come away with me’). it gives me this vivid memory of waiting for my cue, the electricity of the moment, waiting for the song to come to end and noticing how quiet it got for that split second before i turned.. love it!

feist is eternally my go-to for road trips and ‘inside and out’ is always on my playlist. this song reminds me of windows down, wind in my hair, hanging out with my sista friend chelsea with the open road in front of me!


dave matthews band (dmb) just brings me right back to my last year in high school! when i hear any of the ‘crash’ album, it takes me back to the spring of graduation and all the emotions of that time. saying goodbye, tying up that chapter of life and marching forward into this new season 😉 i got to see dave live a couple times (one at the greek theater in berkeley.. which was so mid-nineties of us all! i hope i was as grungy as i remember) and carter beauford (their drummer) is such a beast.. we watched him almost the entire time. i’ve never danced so much and sang out so loud before 🙂

ps the picture above is sorta irrelevant to this post, but it’s my mom leading the band down main street at disneyland (they used to do that!!) and it was the only music-centric picture i could seem to find at them moment!

4 thoughts on “every day in may (this one’s about music!)

  1. Yes yes yes to all of your songs!! Love it!! 😀 Mine were so very random because there was just too many to try and stick to five..ah well. 😀 This is such a great prompt for today!!


  2. What a cute picture! I think it's totally relevant. Music runs in your blood. 😉

    I am right there with ya on Coldplay and Feist. And Gloria Estefan also rocked it over at my daycare provider's house when I was little. That and Ace of Base!


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