every day in may (the value of words)

for Day 25, share something someone told you about yourself that you’ll never forget (good or bad).

about ten years ago, someone told me that when i walk into room, that it was like someone turned a light on and that i brought a joy and lightness wherever i go. so kind. and yet really hard for me to believe it was true.. so much easier to think ‘nah, they don’t really think that’ and pass it over. but at this point in my life, i needed to know that. i needed to hear it and even though it felt foolish, i really believed them. believing this ended up being a huge step for me! a step towards knowing what’s really true about who i am and what i bring. 
it’s much easier to remember the negative stuff people have spoken—words stick!! james always says that the person who coined that ‘sticks and stones’ saying was a plain idiot. i would agree. words stick and they hurt and they can be cruel. that’s why i feel it’s so important to know what’s true about our friends and family and especially us. 
so i try to make a point of saying it.. telling someone their words are valuable, or that they matter, or how their joy is so contagious or that they make room for others, or that they’re an excellent friend. those sorts of things are [usually] the hardest to believe but in my opinion, the most important to say 🙂

6 thoughts on “every day in may (the value of words)

  1. That is a fantastic compliment – and no doubt true (although we obviously haven't met in person).

    I also agree about that “sticks and stones” quote, whatever man – words are powerful and can leave long lasting damage or long lasting glowing.


  2. I love whoever said this to you. I just know I do. People who are open enough to let other people know their wonderful qualities are just much happier, more confident people themselves, I think.

    So you saying that you try to make a point of doing the same? I'm pretty sure that makes you awesome.


  3. Well said … it is sometimes very hard for people to believe, me included, that they are a person of value. Often the outside of someone seems to take greater precedence over what someone can bring to their own and others lives.
    ♡ Molly


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