every day in may (top three worst traits)

the challenge today.. top three worst traits. easier than best, maybe? well.. it’s a little easier for me at least! these are some of the things i’m workin’ on 🙂
self judgement going on right now people.
‘go’ mode. when i get crazy driven about something, james calls this my ‘go’ mode. i blitz through everything, forget to let anybody help me, and stress out to the moon. it’s almost like autopilot and i forget what’s even happening around me and get an internal anxiety party.. not good!
saying the same thing over + over. this one mostly applies to james heh. one, because he has the best memory in the world. and two, because i talk to him the most.. but i tell him stories over and over again and have started to ask him in advance if it’s already been shared because i won’t have a clue!
defensive casey. i’mnotdefensive what are you talking about!? is a good example of how i can be from time to time. y-u-c-k. i don’t like it and push against it when it comes up, but gosh darn it all it can be so hard. remembering that i’m not my best mirror helps. also the fact that when i get defensive it’s usually with the people i love the most, who i must remember love me the most, which is helpful for that defensive part 🙂

4 thoughts on “every day in may (top three worst traits)

  1. First off, my husband's name is James too, so that threw me off for a second. Ha! And ohmygosh am I defensive too. But if you tell anyone I admitted to that I'll call you a liar 😉


  2. I'm guilty of Go Mode, too! And I don't let anyone help me because it's faster and I know it was done right if I just do it, until I'm on the edge of a nervous breakdown, then I remember, I don't have to do it all. 😉


  3. You sound like my husband. But I really appreciate the fact that I hadn't seen these traits in my blog perusing yesterday. There was a LOT of procrastination to be found though. Seems like us bloggers are often found putting of to-dos to sit at our computers. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT! 😉


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