every day in may (getting a little vintage!)

oh this is a fun one you guys! i’m digging deep today my friends, i’m looking into the vault for my favorite posts in my archives (for the challenge!). looking back, i find it funny [read: cringe] what i chose to write about just a year ago, but also happy that i decided to record it at all. these are just a smattering, a couple essays, a recipe, pictures, blah, but i suppose these are a couple of my faves 🙂
this one’s about doing the laundryoh the woes of our first apartment, people! oh the woes!

an essay on october: a fun little diddy

some advice from my grandma ella: she was wonderful.

ohhhh, small town living! how you know you live in a small town.. we do.
favorite cookie recipe in the w-h-o-l-e world: if you take away anything on this list, make it this!!!
when i fell in love.. the first picture we ever took together as friends.

so you want to be a writer? a poem that keeps me going.

i made a guide to santa cruz 🙂 just in case you ever come visit!
and if you’re not do the blog every day in may thing, you should totally do today’s because duh!! i want to read all your fun archives! and if you are doing the challenge, let me know because i absolutely can-not wait to read your faves!!

4 thoughts on “every day in may (getting a little vintage!)

  1. Ooh! This is a good one! Saving it for Saturday morning on my porch with my coffee! Can't wait to read all this vintage Casey goodness!

    Also, clicked on that first pic of you and James because I was curious— I LOOOOVE IT.

    And! You are doing such a good job with every day in May! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!


  2. So I went back and read them all. And while I didn't think it was possible to love you any more, I think now I do.

    Especially love your guide to Santa Cruiz. I've been thinking for over a year that I should really do one for Boston but have never sat down to take the time to actually do it. I think you've inspired me! {Also, I love the simplicity of yours. I think I was feeling overwhelmed by how big and hard a project it would be, but you've reassured me that it doesn't have to be!}


  3. You are AMAZING my dear Anna—these comments made my day!!!!!

    And you totally MUST write a Boston guide!! I wanted to do one for quite a long time and also had these grandiose ideas but just do it, go simple!! I found it was so nice to link the places i recommended to posts (if I'd written one) but also just be able to list other places, even if I don't have a whole post dedicated to it 🙂 And it was fun! ..I think I need to figure out a way to make it a little more accessible 🙂

    love + XO!!!


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