every day in may (struggle street)

today, i’m gonna get real with y’all and ‘share something [i’m] struggling with right now.’
originally, i got a little stuck with this post and thought.. meh.. might as well just read what everyone else has to say about struggle cause i feel like i’m always ringing the same gong over here. not just in the blogosphere, but everywhere. my ‘meh’ had to do with being tired of talking about what i struggle with. but then i saw s-o-o-o many who struggle with the same thing and thought, nope! just do it. share it again. in a way, it’s just another chance for me to say out loud i ultimately do not want to end up here. so alas, here i go, sharing with you 🙂

anxiety. that’s my struggle. insert circumstance a, b or c and i can already tell you i’m going to end up figuring out a way to worry about it, so crafty, i am. you guys, i can even figure out a way to get anxious about laying on the beach. worry, plain and simple.

me enjoying a moment of non-anxiety yesterday after my run 🙂
sometimes, it’s a matter of me saying no to letting myself get there. other times it’s someone [typically james, or an older wiser friend] coming alongside and kindly encouraging me to cut it the heck out. then there are the massive amount of sticky notes with verses on them hidden throughout my purse or planner 🙂
even with all that help though, it’s still a struggle, ya know? ok now people 🙂 ..what about you??

8 thoughts on “every day in may (struggle street)

  1. Me too!
    For some reason, weirdly enough, it didn't even cross my mind to write about anxiety today. Does that mean it is just part of my routine and something I don't consider a struggle? Uh oh!
    For me, just getting OUT of my apartment helps so much. Exercising helps even more.
    Thanks 🙂


  2. I'm right there with you. I didn't outright mention anxiety in my post, I went underneath it, but in the end, it's anxiety. And it was refreshing to find, by reading other blogs, that I'm not alone. You're not alone. Just keep breathing.


  3. good for you for sharing and being honest. I struggle with anxiety too and I have meant to talk about it on my blog and never have. from what I have read it is more common with women. glad you have supportive people around to help you!


  4. it's so true 🙂 that's my favorite part of all these things is that everyone gets to know 'hey! i'm not the only person who feels this way!' what a wonderful thing to find out. thanks for reading, rachel! 🙂


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