every day in may (five blogs i heart)

yippee! one of my favorite subjects: blogs i heart! today, my challenge is to share ‘Five of [my] favorite blogs and what [i] love about them’! this is the best 🙂 i already shared about some of my favorite bloggers here, so i get to add a few more to the list!
eat sleep cuddle ..now don’t these just sound like things you want to do?? i love whitney’s photography, fresh recipes and creative crafty ideas. i always get inspired after visiting her blog 🙂
edible perspective oh i just love ashley’s creativity in the kitchen! and most all of her recipes are gluten-free and use fresh ingredients. some of my favorites of hers are the doughnuts (which she is writing a book on, i mean hello!), these coconut tres-leches pancakes, this almond joy smoothie, or this pasta. yum to the enth degree!
dreamy whites this one is all so french farmhouse and i can’t help but dream i’m in the french countryside when i scroll through. just look at how lovely her bedroom is! ..and this blackberry pie or french bread recipe, mmm.
damsel in dior i just love jacey’s effortless fashion sense! she has this great simple + beachy style (i just love this cozumel post!) and despite her blog name, she doesn’t wear dior 🙂
chalk white arrow i always walk away from reading sara’s blog with tons of design inspiration for my home! she has a few great series like weekend brunch and another by the name of ‘dwelling small‘ that has tons of creative ways to dwell stylishly even in a tiny space 🙂
what are some your favorites :)??

6 thoughts on “every day in may (five blogs i heart)

  1. Hi,

    I am new to your blog, and a fellow blogger, so I thought I would say hello. I will also check out the blogs you have mentioned in this #BlogEveryDayInMay post (I have participated in it today too).

    Have a great Sunday!

    ♡ Molly


  2. Thanks for the new blogs to read ^_^
    My personal favorites are A Beautiful Mess, Sincerely Kinsey, Telling Oceans, Skunkboy, & Cakies.

    xo melanie


  3. i loveee a beautiful mess, but i'm not familiar with these others.. will have to check them out 🙂 thanks for stopping by, melanie (ps love that little face you made)!!


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