Every day in May (favorite photo)

today i’m sharing a favorite picture of myself and why! i’m much more caught up in the memory of a photo rather than how beautiful it is.. i was between a couple pictures, the other ones i prefer to these for purely aesthetic reasons 🙂 ..like being tan, eyes actually showing and not disappearing into my cheeks hehe or lighting, blah blah blah. but when it comes down to it, i have to say that as far as meaning goes, these take the cake!
for one, because is this is our true personality together.. casual (me no makeup and james slightly beard-y), very silly, lots of laughing (cause of tickling, yeah we’re five) and joy (we are emotion-filled ones us mastriannas).
we had also just moved into our apartment in the cutest little area in capitola village, we had hardly unpacked and had a humongous stack of wedding presents to be opened and tons of things to do, but we were so goshdarn excited. it was all so surreal, finally we were in our home, married (as opposed to living across the state and being long-distance, barf) and our life as the mastrianna family was really beginning. oh yeah we were also a little clueless and sorta poor hehe.. but it didn’t really matter because we were so absolutely happy 🙂
what about you? is the meaning in a picture more important than how you look?

6 thoughts on “Every day in May (favorite photo)

  1. The meaning in a picture means more to me than how I look. I believe photos were invented for us to be able to capture a moment and remember it for the rest of our lives. A picture paints a thousand words, they say. 🙂



  2. haha, I loved the, “clueless, happy and poor” reference. That was us in the beginning to. And we were so happy then, that I often wish we could go back!!

    It's amazing how money does not matter in the least! P.S. Thanks for your comments…always…you are my favorite commentor!!


  3. There is SO much joy in those three photos! I love seeing photos in series like that (or whatever you call them) because they capture so much love, realness, and fun, too. You two are such a cute couple and I'm so glad you stopped by my blog because I LOVE yours. 🙂 Especially reading about your love for Jesus. Jesus and family definitely help(ed) me overcome struggles!


  4. SOOO true, the clueless/poor is a pretty great combo for happy 🙂 we loved it too!!

    and your comment gave me the biggest smileeee—your posts are the best!


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