every day in may (on overcoming)

today i’m talking about something difficult about in my “lot in life” and how i’m working to overcome it. i have to admit, i was a bit stuck on what to say about this (i’m glad i wasn’t alone!).
i firmly believe i grew up with an incredible grace over my life. places where things could’ve gone wrong or i could’ve walked away bitter (and there were plenty of ‘opportunities’) were absolutely overshadowed by these great big love from god and my family.

i can say with certainty.. knowing you’re loved, cared for and important is the biggest gift you can give anybody. which, now that i think about it, is probably how i overcame: being surrounded by those who truly love you, knowing what’s true about who i am + a god who over-the-moon cares for me to boot.

what about you—what are the things that help you overcome adversities of life??

a little footnote! i have to mention that this picture was made oh so super fun by my newly downloaded app ‘a beautiful mess‘ (thanks for the rec, anna!). go get it—way worth the 99 cents! now that i’ve got that off my chest… 🙂 also!! this is an old pic but really.. those eyebrows!? i’m at a loss of how they were that thick! booya and many thanks to my shapist, pilar for keeping those things in check 🙂

8 thoughts on “every day in may (on overcoming)

  1. My wonderful MIL always says “let go and let God” and I can honestly say in my really darkest moments I have always prayed and instantly felt a weight lift off my shoulders. And knowing other people are praying for me, ah, such a sweet feeling.
    PS – LOVE the eyebrows – Pilar is good 🙂


  2. I know you already touched on it in the comment you left me, but this hits home so much! I know that in my experience the huge, powerful love of God and my family has sustained me through the most difficult situations. I know that with that kind of love we can overcome anything!! Beautiful post!


  3. first off.. AMEN to that + thanks for sharing, jennifer! I, too, can't imagine not having that ability to pray and allow God to takeover for things beyond my control, it IS such a sweet and comforting thing!

    And my eyebrows thank you hehe 🙂


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