every day in may (day in the life)

i’m behind on today’s challenge but here we go! i don’t believe i’ve ever blogged this many days in a row.. major accomplishment. and it’s still fun 🙂 today i get to tell you what a day in my life looks like! womp womp, hehe just kidding. but on the real. get some cookies or something before you read this whole she-bang 😉

6am: good morning world! wait, kidding.. snooze til 6:30..usually don’t get up this early 🙂 

6:30am: actually get up and get ready. showered last night and my new fancy haircut can handle a night of pillow-smashedness and looks halfway decent! fistpump for real. brush teeth, splash face, lotion, deoderant, mascara, get all gussied up (aka put clothes on) and i’m ready to go.

7-8am: morning coffee date ..today, i met one of our youth leaders for pacific coffee, complete w/ a carrot raisin muffin + black iced tea. it’s already beautiful out today + it’s still e-a-r-l-y!

8-8:30am: drop her off, make lunch in the big kitchen.. we live on a church campus with thirty people, including interns from all over the world and families with cute kids and other young married like ourselves, quite fun and quite cray! this makes all food making times pretty fun. i choose couscous, tomatoes, avocado, some pesto and throw it all together. a banana too!

8:30am-1pm: work at around 8:30am today (but not everyday). and since this is busy season in the surf industry, i buzzzzzz along throughout the whole morning. banana break. there is also pandora singing out loud somewhere in there and powwowing with some ladies. i ate my lunch early.. yum!
1-2pm: coffee date ..yippee another one! this time w/ a fellow pastor on staff! can i just say hallelujah for wise people in our lives. i also put the top down on way back to work!
2-5pm: back to work, so warm!! push through and work the last part of the day. someone brings me a cookie, i comply 🙂 ten minute walk with a friend to see what the sun looks like again.. it’s still warm 🙂
5-5:50pm: read a few personal emails, hit ‘publish’ on a blog post (ta-da!) and head home! usually… t-r-a-f-f-i-c. and in that traffic there is always weeping and gnashing of teeth.

6-6:30pm: dinnertime!! remember those thirty people i mentioned living with earlier ;)? well we all eat and have family dinner on tues/weds/thurs. there are usually guests that join us and we clap for them. we also usually have dessert and interrupt-cheer for the person who announces the dessert for the day. it’s really a bit of a dream 🙂
6:30-8:30pm: time w/ james hanging out before whatever we’ve got going on. tonite, we meet with some parents of some kids in our youth group over coffee 🙂 depending on the nite, we’ll have a youth over for dinner and take them out for an ice cream, go to the gym, etc etc 🙂

9ish-on: well now i’m pre-planning but i imagine we’ll watch alias!! ..watching from the beginning again, woot! and cozy couch time. my fave time of day when yoga pants come on and the feet go in slippers.

between 10-midnight: bedtime depending on the day, we range in between these hours, usually pushing to the later ones. sooo need to work on that!
hope this wasn’t too much of a bore hehe, i am really loving looking at what people do everyday but i’m also nerdy and like that sort of thing!! post your link too so i can read about your day!! thanks for reading if you got this far, muah!

12 thoughts on “every day in may (day in the life)

  1. So. Much. coffee. hehe 🙂 no but really, fun and BUSY day, girl! And your living situation sounds like such a fun time!! I love it! I had no idea that kind of thing happened?? so do all of the people that live there also work at the church?



  2. Wow! This was really neat. I had no idea you lived on a campus with so many other people! That must be a blast! Do you all cook for each other!? I can barely feed myself!


  3. haaaah!! it's true..while i didn't actually have coffee at each opportunity, it's kind of ridiculous 😉 we need more cupcake shops 'round here hehe! our living situation is soo fun, and super unique!! i had no idea it existed before this either!!

    everyone that lives here is somehow on staff at the church, even though there's people like mah-self that work elsewhere (my 'staff' role is with the youth, booya!). there's also people who go to uc santa cruz or the community colleges and work part time at the church, but live here and are apart of the campus life. we sometimes trip out about it all hehe (like..we LIVE at a church? wha??) but we absolutely love it for this particular season of our lives!



  4. haha! sameeee here!! a few nights a week, YES, i just get to come and eat, what what!! the rest of the time, i'm fending for myself like a lost puppy until my husband barbecues some meat or makes a quesadilla 😉


  5. sounds like an awesome day! I cant believe some nights you go to bed at midnight and make it up at 6am! I go to bed at 9-930 and have a hard time getting up at 6! 🙂


  6. Your day sounds AMAZINGG, gurl. I mean, but seriously.

    Love all your coffee dates! I want to meet you for one!

    Also, I got to bed too late, too. BUT THERE ARE


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