every day in may (things i miss)

today’s challenge is to talk about things we miss.. for me, some of these are big, heart-wrenching sort of missing, and some of these are just little things, but i miss it all the same.
people. there are so many i can think off, people on this earth and those who have left..specifically today i’m thinking of my brave and bold and wonderful grandma ella and my full of life, full of sass and absolutely gracious friend lintaloo who i will always call my roomie-bunkie (miss you).
college. i’m such a book nerd so i miss the excitement of starting a new quarter with a new stack of novels, fresh notepads and new pens 🙂 and all the buzz of learning something new and being challenged and the vocabulary boost doesn’t hurt. i would go forever if i could.
family vacations. when we were all younger, my extended family and immediate would take so many trips. two weeks in a lake house in tahoe, winter in mexico, spring in london, summer in paris. i mean..where the money came from or how everybody got time off together is beyond me, beyond!! but i’m extremely grateful for the bonding, the memories and how big the world became in my eyes.
teaching swim lessons. you guys i’m serious. if i could.. full time job, foooor real.
what are some things you miss in your life??

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