every day in may (an embarrassing moment!)

yes! today is the day i get to share my most embarrassing moment (day 10 of the challenge)!! and yes, i most definitely have one 🙂
i was nineteen and working on staff as a children’s director for an after-school program at my church. being apart of staff, we’d often have visitors and interns from other countries that would come and be apart of the internship program for a year (actually, it’s where my husband and i met!). it was always really special to have these different people from all over the world live and be apart of our family for the year, so we made sure they left with a bang—parties, heartfelt sharing, etc.
well the most especially special of ‘leaving with a bang’ meant running after our friend’s car as it went down the long driveway and over the freeway to drop them off at the airport. we do it at weddings, too. it sounds a little odd but it’s tradition and we don’t neglect it!
our friend from poland, sabina, had finished up her year of internship and was packed and ready to go. there was an intercom announcement through the offices that her ride was there and she was ready to depart we all came out from our meetings and activities to see her off and get ready to run. as the luggage was loaded and the car doors slammed shut, the car proceeded forward. like a pack at the start of a marathon, our crowd slowly picked up speed like a big blob of people revving up to run after her and cheer her on.
that day, i was running with my friend jessie, and was absolutely tickled she decided to run that day.. i couldn’t recall ever running by her. just as we started to pick up speed, i looked to my side so as to say ‘yeah jessie! woot woot!’ and just as soon as i had, the car brakes screeched and boom!!! 
that boom was me!! 
i had ran smack into the car, and it was louuuud! all thirty-five people that had come to say goodbye got a front-and-center glimpse of my wholehearted smack into the car and all at once, all thirty five erupted (erupted i tell you!) with laughter, uncontrollable laughter. what had happened was our friend had noticed she missed one of her more important hugs and asked the driver to stop so she could say goodbye. as the car came to a quick stop, i rather bounced off as the trunk was (thankfully) pretty rounded off. 
but that sound!? it sounded as if a deer had been hit, or there was a mini-car crash. i mean.. i have no idea how it came from me, but there was the most loud and disconcerting boom!! and just me! needless to say, i kept on after she was done with her final goodbye, and we ran the whole way to the onramp. i still laugh uncontrollably about it with a few friends who watched. and i am almost positive james still laughs the hardest!
and you?? do you have a juicy embarrassing moment :)?

6 thoughts on “every day in may (an embarrassing moment!)

  1. I just stumbled on your blog because I am (very unsuccessfully) trying to blog every day in May too. This is one prompt that I did not want to do. 🙂

    BUT! I could just imagine the whole embarrassing thing as I read your post, pretty much in slow motion up until it came to a screeching halt when you hit the car. Haha!

    The Brayn of Chalayn

    P.S. I'm doing a Firmoo sunglasses giveaway! Feel free to enter. 🙂


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