every day in may (a moment)

it’s Thursday (day 9) and for those who have stuck with me in this blogging challenge, i salute you and treasure your responses!! i’m still having fun 🙂 today’s prompt is: A moment in your day (this can be just a photo or both a photo and words).

i am not a clinically addicted coffee drinker, but i am a recreational coffee drinker. black iced tea on the other hand, hold me back oh hold me back now. that’s my jam. shaken, unsweetened and strong. mmm. i do, however, go for the occasional cup from our nespresso machine and there’s just something about it. 
waking up slow, wearing my slippers, staring off into space (definitely), checking to see if it’s foggy outside (my favorite early morning weather), brewing a pod of coffee, putting on some music and taking my sweet time. while it’s not every day, that is so my moment.
do you have a favorite moment, too? 🙂

6 thoughts on “every day in may (a moment)

  1. That sounds like a fantastic moment. I was never a coffee drinker until we moved to cyprus.
    But they love their coffee here and its now a part of daily life.
    Although black iced tea sounds great too!!:)


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