the last weekend in april

over the weekend, james was away at a wedding so naturally i do as i’m often tempted to when left on my own devices. i filled my schedule to the brim! it’s always my temptation.. ‘can we fit it in on sunday late at night after that one thing and before that other thing?’ to which i endlessly reply..

‘yes of course, pal!!’ .. ‘why not friend!?’

..until james comes on his shining white horse (the thought of him on a horse is actually quite hilarious) to remind me that scheduling in this manner is a little unhealthy and all sorts of impossible. which sums up well the way i keep a calendar when left to myself: all sorts of impossible.

but always fun. so what i ended up doing was.. two separate shopping trips (jcrew factory store oh my goodness), met with lots of our youth group and we all had an ice cream date, in-n-out, strolling downtown santa cruz on the most gorgeous day, jillian michaels late at night, sunday services (we made breakfast burritos + read the bible, woot!) and then the airport trip to pick up the hubs with a friend (stopping by krispy kreme was involved cause..doy).

and that’s how you do it people.





and then he came back! and happy may my friends!! 🙂

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