A bearded update

le hubby is out of town this weekend to celebrate our friends’ getting married out in the mid-west (yay friends!) so i thought it a perfect time to do a little check in on the beard [or the ‘glory’ as he likes to refer to it]. here are the last updates should you be interested. ps. yes this is a rather odd practice..mapping my husband’s beard movements. but alas, he is rather engrossed in all that is ‘beard’ and we don’t have kids or pets yet..soo yup 🙂

+beard was removed for a wedding last month
+on that day there was much weeping & gnashing of teeth
+recently added to the arsenal of beard care and hygiene: beard oil by sam’s natural
+it has been given full permission to grow til september
+we’ll just have to take that one day at a time
+it is still using
+beard coverage complete, over and out!

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