A little date

on monday, james and i had a little impromptu date nite to our beloved ‘bittersweet bistro‘ 🙂 it was more like a private dining experience because by 8:30, we were the only people left in the restaurant area (everyone else was in the bar)! we had it all to ourselves (welcome to mayberry people!). we talked life, work, future and the like.

sometimes those sorts of conversations get me stressed out—you know, all the how will this ever work sort of questions and before you know it, i’m an anxious wreck of a date. really funnnn… (not). but this night, i didn’t stress when we talked. it was so easy. so fun. so refreshing. i’m so thankful for the relationship i have with james. we have both been willing to continually grow and stretch in different ways for one another (and the growing pains just suck honestly).

but the fruit!! oh baby, the fruit is so wonderful.

the fruit of our lengthy discussions, figuring one another out, not giving up (don’t give up!). the fruit is in nights like these, where i can be a more wonderfully non-anxious version of myself, learning to trust jesus, james and truly look forward to what’s ahead, instead of overanalyze it to a pulp. thank god! oh yeah, and the bread pudding doesn’t suck (so good).

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