Beach day

on friday, we cut out of work early for a beach day of standup paddling! this was my second attempt and i have to say, i am just as sore after the second time as i was after the first..ouch! but it is the greatest workout, i think it engages almost every muscle possible, down to your arches. yes! your arches!!
while my main goal was to get to a quiet place and lay on the board for a tan, i ended up with some awesome coaches and did much more than i imagined i could do. i even ended up going underneath the santa cruz wharf (although i was really nervous that a sea lion would cozy up on my board). my legs are like jelly but i feel great. highly recommend it to any of you who be somewhat interested, it’s really a blast 🙂
(and when all else fails, lay on your board and get a tan!)


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