Instamashed potatoes

below is a little mashup of the last month in pictures.. i name these posts differently almost everytime and thought that potatoes sounded yummy when i wrote this, so there you go! maybe next time i’ll go with peas and carrots. muah!

1// our youth room is on it’s way to being a finished remodel. this is our chalkboard paint wall that’s been refinished to have a smooth surface. can’t wait to see this wall full of our youth group’s artistic ways!!
2// bagel party, the best sort of party there is!
3// james and i on our way in to see the movie ’42’.. such a wonderful depiction of jackie robinson’s life, loved it!
4// easter morning fog in the aptos hills. doesn’t get much more glorious than that.
5// spending time with my little godson at a wedding his parents were officiating. loved sharing giggles with him outside while some friends tied the knot
6// beardless husband!
7// feeding the giraffes at six flags
8// wonderful dates with sweet people and whip cream on top!

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