Wedding shower

last weekend, i got to help celebrate a friend’s bridal shower—yayyeah! i love bridal showers, and all that has to do with showering friends with gifts to get them ready for a new time in life. i remember feeling like all of the wedding events were such a blur, a wonderful blur but everything was foreign. it still felt so upside down to be showered so [soooo] much, amazing too.
i was so grateful for all those who kept us afloat through the whole process and could not believe how much we received from people, actual tangible things [like furniture sets and such!] and all the love, too. a love blur! because of it, i wait with bated breath for bridal showers because i love to give out myself some of the love and pillows and aprons like we so generously received. yay for being showered and only eleven days left til our dear friends kevin + kayli get marrrrried!

2 thoughts on “Wedding shower

  1. This is so cool! I love the vintage-y vibe of your pictures, all of them, not just this post! Looks like so much fun. I always love that toilet paper bridal gown game : ) Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog : ) I'm excited about big new things happening!


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