Movie night

on saturday evening, we had some dear friends over for a movie night. we only required that they wear their cozies and let us know their favorite munchie or treat 🙂 it’s so fun to see what treats our friends crave! that said, the menu was as follows (commence tummy-ache-that-is-so-worth-it):
+coco puffs and lucky charms
+twizzlers and chocolate pop-tarts
+tj’s strawberry licorice
+sourpatch + kettle chips
+yogurt-covered anything


i sometimes forget how many movies we’ve collected together! it’s kind of like our love language.. james will get in a movie-craving mood and all of a sudden, he can hardly contain himself within ten minutes of the nearest best buy. and i like watching them. and then movie night comes along and there’s so much to choose from that the whole party has to vote twice! we ended up with ‘here comes the boom’ which we highly recommend if you’re into mixed martial arts, going to school, laughing or kevin james!

now excuse me while i hide leftover candies from myself 😉

ps. i wanted to mention that i’m continually praying for boston and the heartbreaking events that took place at the marathon. it’s so tragic that a moment meant for such inspiration was at the expense of an act such as that. i’ve read a few posts that highlight the wonderful things people do in the face of adversity, the love a city can show to people in need and even now, the hope people have, gosh do i stand in awe of people with that sort of hope.. sending prayers and love to you, boston!

4 thoughts on “Movie night

  1. thanks andrea!! it was so fun to shop for them all, too 🙂 kind of an adventure looking for random munchies..almost every place i went, the cashier made a comment about what i was getting, hehe!


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