Six Flags

we spent wednesday of spring break at six flags in vallejo! i hadn’t been on a topsy turvy upside down rollercoaster in a very long time (lets say ten years??) and it was so fun to be the veteran for some jr highers who’d never gone. we had a blast..but my stamina for those sorts of loops isn’t as high as it once was 😉
i loved going on big coasters, eating trashy fried food (good sort of trash, hehe) and exploring in our big group. it makes me so happy to see everyone connect with one another and finding new things in common and just share memories. i am so content in moments like that!

ooh and they also have this very fun wild animal area where you can see the lions, tigers, elephants and even feed the giraffes! one young lady we were with had never been to the zoo, so this was amazing to be able to see them all up close.

while our feet were dog (dog!) tired and our noses a little more red than we prefer, and our brains were a little fried because sometimes our group is a little bit like herding cats (in the most loving way possible, and ourselves included, hehe), it was so fun to have a day away with our youth like that.

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